December 26, 2017



With increasing age, the effects of age will appear on the people skin as the presence of wrinkles. This is due to the reduction of elastin and collagen fibers, which are the two main ingredients of skin structure. In this case, skin will lose elasticity and freshness which lead to appear wrinkles on it. In addition, environmental factors such as sunlight, stress, or smoking will cause dryness and exacerbation in the wrinkle process.

Given that the presence of wrinkles can have a great impact on people’s morale. Therefore, finding a solution is one of the issue for physicians and people in the society. With the advent of science and technology, especially in the skin section, it has created new hopes for a clear and soft skin at young age. What’s more, a variety of wrinkle treatments have been proposed that can be used to inject fillers such as animal products (Bovine collagen) and artificial substances (Hyaluronic acid) with side effects such as redness and swelling at the injection site. They also have a low lifespan that causing repeated injection. The Botox products, which is a pure form of botulinum toxin, requires renewal due to temporary shelf life.

According to recent therapies, the need of products which provide safety and high efficacy has been considered as necessary tools. In the studies have been conducted in the Royan Institute, fibroblast cells isolated from the patient’s own skin and injected to acne and scar areas. The result demonstrated that this method is safe and effective which can be used to treat patients.



Wrinkle symptoms

Wrinkle are usually created in the areas of the hands, neck and face for factors such as aging, stress, sunlight, inappropriate sleep and deprivation. The symptoms and signs of wrinkles include:

  • Nasolabial wrinkle
  • Crow’s feet wrinkle
  • Marionette line
  • Frown lines
  • Forearm wrinkle
  • Neck wrinkle
  • Rabbit lines
  • Small cracks in the skin
  • Sagging skin



Wrinkle diagnosis:

The wrinkles appear in lines on the skin in different areas of the body, especially on the face, and those growths deeply will make bad impression on people morale.

People who are worried about their appearance can refer to dermatologists and ask for help from professionals. Professionals will provide appropriate therapies after evaluating the skin. One of the proper method is cell therapy. The patient’s assessment process for entering this stage is as follows.

The patient selection criteria for this study were as follows:

  1. Age between 15-65 years
  2. Wrinkle lesions with severity 3-7
  3. Scar lesions with severity 3-7
  4. Do not use other filler or lifting methods during the process
  5. The absence of active infection (HVB, AIDS)
  6. At least 6 months passed since the last session of retinoid drugs
  7. No pregnant or breastfeeding women
  8. At least 6 months passed since the last session of laser therapy
  9. No allergy history to collagen or animal products
  10. No injection of permanent filler
  11. No injection of temporary filler in the last 6 months
  12. No history of cancer or other chronic systemic disease
  13. No history of chemotherapy
  14. No history of mesotherapy or plastic surgery
  15. Lack of active infection at the injection site
  16. No history of organ transplantation or cell therapy in the past
  17. Absence of active viral infections


Wrinkle treatment:

Nowadays there are several ways to improve skin conditions and rejuvenate it, some of them which can be mentioned are as follows:

Laser: In this method, the physician uses a laser device and radio frequency to stimulate collagen in the skin without destroying the outer layer of the skin. Although this method is effective in removing wrinkles, this is accompanied by complications such as swelling, burning and skin vulnerability to sunlight.

Botox: Botox injections are the most appropriate way for people looking for quick and immediate conclusions. By injecting Botox, the muscles will paralyze and the amount of wrinkles will decrease. This method is also not cost-effective because of the temporary need for renewal each 3-6 months.

Adipose injection: By transferring fat from other areas of the body and injection into wrinkle sites, the problems will remove. However, this procedure is not cost-effective because of pain and high level of cost which provide for patients.

Cell therapy: By advent of science in the field of cell therapy and removing wrinkles from skin, having a smooth skin in the elderly age become a real dream. In this method, a small piece of the patient’s back of their ear will take, after the separation of the fibroblasts and proliferation, they are injected into the wrinkle areas. This process requires 3 injections. After third injection, gradual improvement occurs in the wrinkle zone.